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All our foil types are characterized by high mechanical strength thanks to its reinforced grid. The laminated foils can be used at temperatures ranging from minus 50 °C to plus 70 °C. A minimum distance of 1 m from any heat source must be maintained during use.

When using foils, it is necessary to avoid contact with chemicals corrosive to polyethylene, such as diesel, gasoline, toluene, lubricating oils, paints and varnishes, sulfuric and nitric acids, halogens, and chlorinated hydrocarbons. Beware of contact with acid fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, etc.


Purpose of using foils

  • agricultural foils (especially greenhouse foils)
  • Technical foils
  • Packaging and transport foils
  • Special high-strength foils

Greenhouse Foil

Náš produkt - Folníkovina

Roofing Foils

Náš produkt - Podstřešní reflexní fólie

Packaging Foils

Náš produkt - Obalové fólie

Combined Foils

Náš produkt - Polyetylenové kašírované fólie

Reinforced Polyethylene Foils

Náš produkt - Kašírované folie

Waterproofing Sealing Foil

Náš produkt - Hydroizolační těsnící fólie

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Long-term experience

We are an established Czech business with extensive experience. We are committed to new trends, and the scope, capacity, and potential of our services place us among the leading manufacturers of technical textiles in the Czech Republic.

Fair dealing

We care about good relations with business partners, employees, and authorities. Our priorities are the long-term relationships we have built that are based on mutual understanding, the perception of details, and fair treatment.

We are open to new opportunities

As a family business, we are able to respond flexibly to customers’ requests and market trends and adapt the portfolio of our products and services without lengthy approval processes. Our motto is “Those who want seek solutions. Those who don't seek excuses.”

Czech quality

All our products are manufactured in the Czech Republic in our plants at Svitavy, Lomnice nad Popelkou, and Chropyně in accordance with the Czech and European law. The complete production process is under our control - from the procurement of raw materials to sales and service.